The biggest base defense tournament ever

What is Rust Conquest ?

Rust Conquest is tournament organised by Sam Richardson.

It utilises Rust’s ground-breaking base building and PvP system to create a competitive atmosphere in which two teams strive to be the last team standing. Restricted by only a few basic rules, each team is free to express their skills and talents, show off their new base layouts, combat techniques, and smart strategies. With 4 players to each team, efficient teamwork is a must.

Each team is allowed 4 players, and each should have their own specialty. A resource gatherer, a scout, a builder and a crafter is a good way to start planning. Plan wisely, train up your men, and prepare to be faced against an equally good team. Don’t let the nerves course through your veins - be confident and fight to your last breath. Show our thousands of viewers what you’re all about.

Time is a necessity - you don’t have much of it. The first stage is the Build Period, so gather up and stockpile on materials as this will be the only time you can do so without being slaughtered by the opposing team. Plan out your base strategically, and outsmart the enemy. You’ll need a special design if you’re to have any hope of winning. The next stage is PvP. Use what you’ve built to defeat the opposing team.

Do you have the skills to out-play the other teams?

Resource Gatherer

Every team needs one. Go out and gather wood, stone, hemp, and anything else you'll need to create an impenetrable fortress and gear up for all-out war. Kill animals and harvest plants to supply your team with food and clothes. Be fast and efficient, or you may slip behind.


Without a builder you’ll lose almost instantly. You’ll need to design an intuitive base to protect your banner. Plan ahead, and think outside the box. You only have so much time to build, so use it wisely. No messing about!


Spy on your enemy. Know their movements and figure out their plans. Locate their weak points and plan to exploit them. But don't get yourself noticed, or they may fix their flaws. Know their base design from the start and you can't go wrong!


You’ll be in charge of supplying your team with clothes and weapons. Anything that they’ll need in combat, you need to get for them. Make sure they all have medical syringes, bandages, AKs and Bolt-Action Rifles. It’s your fault if they’re ill prepared. Don’t lag behind!

So what are you waiting for?

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